Poetry by Jim: happy father’s day

happy father’s day



From left to right; my youngest son Billy, my oldest son Jamie and my mom (Grace) at dad’s gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery. James Forrest McDonald Sr


in year seventy-five
you went away
you made me cry
was a very sad day


I was twenty one
such a young lad
had two babies
needed you dad


it’s called big C
you had no choice
you can’t be replaced
I lost your voice


in forty two years
four have stepped up
close to your age
they filled that cup


happy father’s day dad
I miss you so
you’re my blood
why did you go


Matt’s here now
really nice man
as we hang out
writing’s our plan


we talk about women
or stories and more
we laugh so easy
he’s never a bore


wish you were here
you’re in my heart
life can be short
enjoy it from the start



Matthew (Matt) Jones Jr


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