Shopping for CHRISTmas gifts

I will be set-up at the Golden Beach Fire Department on Saturday December 4th from 10 am to 3 pm and Thomas Stone High School on Sunday December 5th at the same hours, just in time for CHRISTmas shopping.

My set-up at Benedict Fire Department

I know people do not flock to poetry and it is hard to understand most poetry, not mine. I am at the end of ‘Modern American Literature: 1914 to 1945” at University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) right now. We are studying writers such as Ernest Hemmingway and Langston Hughes among many others. Hughes writes in a frank and distinct manner often using metaphors and similes to evoke an image in the readers mind. My poetry is easier than that. It is straight to the point and it tells how life changed this alcoholic and addict into a sober poet. My auto biography is told through twenty-five poems and my personal photos.


Turkey Hill Park sales

Sunday, was another good day for me. Sold eleven books and a shirt.

My good friend, Becki, happened by and bought my shirt. This was my first shirt ever sold. Next shirts will have the photo on the back and JFM Creates in the front

It was a good day for the Houseboat Poet. Combining Saturday and Sunday’s sales came to twenty books and a shirt.

Other than lunch, almost every dollar goes back into my table, so now I offer bags and this time of year calls for CHRISTmas bags with tissue paper. The lady in the above photo wanted to buy a bag, I have no idea what to charge for a bag. Believe I offered to give her one, but she bought my book for the bag. That’s kind of funny.

People often say, “I’ll come back”, but rarely do. That makes since, because it might be difficult to say, “I’m not interested”. Over the whole weekend five people came back. Thank you for that.

It was a great day and weekend combined, but now I have to rest my feet. Put a lot of steps in both days

Benidict Fire Department

Morning everyone,

I will be selling and signing my books of poetry at the Benedict Fire Department today from 9am to 2pm. I will be joined by 39 other vendors and all will give you excellent CHRISTmas gift ideas.

This photo is at Gray’s Nursery earlier in the year.

Come out and see us. I have a 90 second spill that will tell you about my poetry.

Boonedoggie Farm Market Event

This Saturday I will be set-up at the Benedict Fire Department and on Sunday I will be at Turkey Hill Park. There will be forty other vendors at each event

The young lady on my right and I might elope. 😀 The other guy in the photo bought my books as a teaching tool for his students

My record here was six books and that was last month. I sold fourteen this past Saturday. It was a good day. Thank you to everyone that supports me and has in the past.

My new friend bought two books as CHRISTmas presents.
This is Barb. She said she would come back and she did, that doesn’t happen often.
This is Ned Edelen of the Edelen Road Edelens. I am local also, so we had a lot in common.

The US Oyster Festival

Morning all,

This young man was the prize of my weekend, other than some of the women flirting with me. He is in school and is a writer also among other good attributes. He is very impressive.
This young birthday girl was given my book as a present. She was so sweet.

Here are some more photos of my part of the 2021 ‘US Oyster Festival’s’ two day event, on the St. Mary’s county fairgrounds. It was very active, a lot of foot traffic and I had a good spot towards the back. I did pretty well for the small time writer that I am and feel respectful and privileged, when someone wants to read my words – it is very exciting. People do not flock to poetry, but I truly appreciate your love and support. If you feel moved, please support me further by giving me a glowing review on Amazon and/or my Facebook writing page. Please feel free to review my books here too.

My friend, Ellen, from Thomas Stone High School stopped by to say hi. It was good to see her.
My real good friend Norma. I love her, but she doesn’t know it. Well she might know it now.

My friend ( Wallace Spooner ) Wally stopped by to say hi and he some of these photos. Thanks buddy.

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Look at the nice smile on her beautiful face. I can’t remember who, but one of us told the other a joke when the photo was taken.