The US Oyster Festival

Morning all,

This young man was the prize of my weekend, other than some of the women flirting with me. He is in school and is a writer also among other good attributes. He is very impressive.
This young birthday girl was given my book as a present. She was so sweet.

Here are some more photos of my part of the 2021 ‘US Oyster Festival’s’ two day event, on the St. Mary’s county fairgrounds. It was very active, a lot of foot traffic and I had a good spot towards the back. I did pretty well for the small time writer that I am and feel respectful and privileged, when someone wants to read my words – it is very exciting. People do not flock to poetry, but I truly appreciate your love and support. If you feel moved, please support me further by giving me a glowing review on Amazon and/or my Facebook writing page. Please feel free to review my books here too.

My friend, Ellen, from Thomas Stone High School stopped by to say hi. It was good to see her.
My real good friend Norma. I love her, but she doesn’t know it. Well she might know it now.

My friend ( Wallace Spooner ) Wally stopped by to say hi and he some of these photos. Thanks buddy.

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Look at the nice smile on her beautiful face. I can’t remember who, but one of us told the other a joke when the photo was taken.

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