Morning everyone

I will be in St Mary’s County, MD. at the Hollywood Fire Department tomorrow (August 6th) from 10 am to 2 pm selling and signing my books. The event is sponsored by The Ladies Auxiliary of the Hollywood Fire Department.

For those of you that might not know, I am Jim “The Houseboat Poet” McDonald and have three books of poetry that tell the story of my life, one book about hats and one book of word prompts. I also have a few hats, shirts, coffee mugs, and photos.

Come see me and get an autographed copy.


Safety for all

I haven’t wrote anything in awhile. I guess because my mind was on other ventures and probably physical issues also. I will not continue grow as a writer, unless I write everyday. I will write something everyday and try to post a few times a week.

This article was published Friday September, 28 in the, Charles County newspaper, Maryland Independent. You can find it on page A9 in the ‘Letters to the editor’ section.

Hope my article, Safety for all, interests you. It’s about more direction needed in some of my prayers. Contact me if you can’t read it and I will send you a copy of what I sent to the editor.

Of course I was excited to see that my effort was published. I love being a budding writer and my baby steps in the photography field inspire my legs to be more active.

After it was printed, I noticed a mistake in the last paragraph. Let me know if you see it.






 A poll just for you

A poll just for you

I’m one of the people that will stop in the middle of the road, pick up a turtle and help it across the street. I know dead animals will feed other animals, but I still get a little grossed out, when I see them laying around.

The other day, I picked up a turtle and turned to carry it into the direction it was heading. I noticed, it was heading towards a barren field, with hardly any vegitation or shad. It was coming from a plush cool extremely bountiful menu of food for the turtle.

Which side of the road would you set him down on.


* barren field


* turn it around

Be the Review

This is the back cover of my second book, ‘Life Changes’. About halfway down the cover is glowing review by Lisa Reigle from ‘Compy Chair Review’.

Lisa Reigel – Reviewer and Owner of Comfy Chair Books

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