You can support my new hair duo

I had three different hair styles in 2017. First was long hair, that one was most of the time that I lived on my houseboat. That’s also where and when I started writing poetry.




Then, I cut it all off in April, and went bald till fall. Long hair and bald cost zero dollars every month to care for, and that worked well since I’m poor.




The next cut was done by a hair stylist, Tiffany, at Sport Clips in La Plata.




I really like the look of the last one, but since I’m so poor I can hardly pay attention, I feel either bald or long is coming back soon. ☺

If you feel so inclined, please support my new duo, by purchasing one of my books, through the link below.




Fox 5 Zip Trip, Waldorf, MD

On July 7, 2017 ‘Fox 5 Zip Trip’ came to Waldorf, MD. I was lucky enough to get on TV eight times that morning while promoting, ‘Rebuilding Together’ for Charles County, MD.


Attached is 3 mintute and twenty five second video by Fox 5 news. At the 2:27 mark, you can see me in the back ground, wearing one of my red Washington Redskin hats, between news anchor Steve Chenevey FOX 5 DC and Charles County Commissioner Amanda Stewart. I remember making a comment to Steve, that I shook his hand four times. Wish I was holding my book of poetry, Twilight to Son Shine’.



Anchor Steve Chenevey, me and Charles County Commissioner Amanda Stewart

News Paper: interview

News Paper: interview


About two and a half months ago, I had an appointment with my pulmonologist in White Plains. When I was getting off the elevator, the Maryland Independent news paper office was across the hall.


Since I’m trying to become a writer, I walked through the door and introduced myself to the Executive Editor, Rob Perry. I also talked to the Deputy Editor Sara Newman, concerning an interview about my book. She sent me a questionnaire that week for her Literary Lights section of the paper.


Since then, I have three articles published in the ‘Letter’s to the Editor’ section by Rob and this past Friday, Sara published my interview. Here it is.



Maryland Independent, 6-7-2017