The first book of poetry, in the series called, ‘Thoughts into Poetry’

This is my first book and it’s called, ‘Twilight to Son Shine’. It tells the reader my life story in the form of 25 poems. Each poem has a corresponding picture that was either taken by me, old pictures of mine or photos taken of me. Click here to buy my baby. Thank you in advance!

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Short stories:

Family Doctor

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News paper publication’s

Enjoyed Taste of Charles County history

More Valued Charles County History

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  • This picture is published in the College of Southern Maryland‘s 2015 Spring edition of Connections.
Dad's grave

Dad’s gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery. He was placed there in 1975. Twenty-three years later mom was laid on top of him.

  • This picture is published in the same magazine, except in the 2016 Fall edition
Noon Over Ten Tires

Noon Over Ten Tires, was taken in the summer of 2016 in North Caroline.

  • More to come

7 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Hello! We met briefly during a book event earlier this year, and I picked up your second book of poetry. I haven’t actually gotten into it yet, but I did read the first, and very much liked it, and wanted to share what I posted as a review on amazon (apologies in advance for the lengthy comment):

    Twilight to Son Shine

    Lyrical, Meaningful, Thoughtful

    I’m not usually a poetry person, but I bought the author’s second book (which I shall read soon) at a book show, and thereafter discovered this book was available on kindle unlimited and decided to read them in order.

    I read this one early in the morning. It was short enough to consume in one sitting, and ended up becoming a sort of meditation that very much moved me.

    I loved how raw the poems were, and the way the book was organised, showing the author’s life in snapshots as he portrayed a struggle with addiction and dealing with various types of loss and the feelings that brought about. If the poems had been left there, that would have been adequate, but what makes this book shine is the fact that the author included hope. And not just the promise of hope, or an inkling of hope. No. The joy his life has now taken on since becoming converted radiates through through the last few poems in a plain yet poignant manner that lends deeper weight to all the poetry that precedes them.

    Two poems I especially liked were the ones titled “Depression” and “It Comes in Threes.”

    I really enjoyed the message of the second poem, and the first I think is the best put together of the all. The subject matter, the way it is expressed, how the lines are organised and fall on the page, and the word choice were all very compelling to me. I ended up reading this one twice, first straight through and second reading the first line of the first stanza, immediately followed by the first line of the second stanza, and so on until I finished the work again. I almost like it better the second way, but it wouldn’t work reshuffled in print from how it’s currently laid out, and I think it’s brilliant that the work as it is invites different readings of it that strengthen the meaning.

    I also really enjoyed the pictures peppered throughout the poems.

    This is quite a lovely book of poems, and one I recommend everyone should read.


  2. I’m not sure if I told you that I sold my houseboat and have moved into a 39′ camper. It’s a good size for me and probably a couple. I still live on a nice following river tgat contributes to the Cheasapeak Bay.

    I have to have a rotator cuff operation soon. Other than that I’m good.


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