Your Three Words, My Little Story

Carol’s words: Teddy bear, Shrimp and Snow

    A couple of years ago, I was trampling around in the hills of the Colorado Mountains. The scenery was great, with all the trees and brush around, at times it was hard to see the bright blue sky. The smell of freshness in the air is not something I was use to smelling in the city. That’s what prompted the newly found desire to walk, and I can use the exercise.

    Not being an avid hiker, it wasn’t long before I had to sit and rest. So I found a fallen tree, brushed the snow off and sat for awhile. I was thinking of lunch, when I heard some crackling coming from the wooded floor behind me. It wasn’t like I could turn around fast with all the close on, so I was forced to turn slowly. What I saw was enough to make me wish, I brought a second pair of underwear. It was a bear, oh BTW a bear does shit in the woods, because that’s what it was doing. No I’m not talking about a teddy bear, this was a for real four legged Yogi Bear. For some reason he didn’t see me or didn’t care, because he sauntered off down the mountain.

    I sat there for awhile scared to move. I’m not shitten ya, I was afraid to move. Well I started to get hungry and I had left my lunch on the kitchen counter at home. It’s probably no good by now anyway, it was the last of my shrimp salad and it wonct last long in the heat. I figured if I brought it with me, it would have been fine in this cold, that was surrounding me. I finally got up and instead of finishing my walk I turned around and headed home. If I had continued my walk as planned I would have been following the bear. Not a good idea.


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