Your Three Words, My Little Story

Misty’s words: Beetle, toe and skirt

    Joe had a date for Saturday at noon with his new friend Misty and he couldn’t wait for the picnic. Joe’s normally a very shy young man, but something about her turned his crank. It could have been those big brown eyes, he felt lost the moment he looked in them. Could be that big beautiful smile, that surely would lighten anyone’s day. However, he couldn’t stop thinking about her mini SKIRT. He was smitten and talking to her was much harder than he expected. He started to say, “hello,” but he got choked up and just whispered it.

    She did hear him and said, “hello to you too.”

    He stuttered and said, “my name is Joe. What’s yours?”


    At this moment he was lost for words, because he normally didn’t get this far. He turned from her trying to save face, while thinking for the words to ask her out. He turned to fast and stumped his sandal clad TOE. He wanted to yell, cuss and hop around, but what he said was, “ouch.”

    “Looks like that would hurt.” she said with a sly smile. As it turned out this gave them something to talk about and before long they made the date.

    They were sitting on the quilt his grandmother made for his mom, when a Beetle flew into his mouth. He started gagging and trying to spit it out, when Misty asked, “what happened?”

    “I don’t know for sure, but I think a June bug just flew into my mouth.”


    “I just ate some kind of bug.”

    “Why didn’t you wait for the chicken and potato salad?”

    Joe said, “I was really hungry and couldn’t wait I guess.”

    “Let me fix you a plate and get on with our date.”



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