How ya like my hat?


Hiw ya like my hat?j


It’s a nice looking hat, just too small for my big head. When me and my second wife were together and getting along I bought this for her. We got it at a sporting good store for big bucks, since I thought very highly of her money was no object.

Well when she would wear it most guys would give her the wolf calls or at least flirt with her. She loved this hat for that very reason, she knew she was a hottie and played it up. A very good looking woman with straight dark hair long enough to cover her double dee’s if needed. She also had nice long legs to go with her full blooded Cherokee complexion. Any man would love to be with her and she knew it. After years of her flirting well beyond the scope that any wife should be doing, we got divorced.

It was a fairly amicable divorce untill we got to my baseball cards. She knew I had several rookie cards that would bring a pretty penny if one needed some extra cash. After weeks of arguing, I gave her some of my cards, but she had to give up her daisy dukes, cowboy boots and this hat. I lost that battle no matter how you looked at it.

Just messin: bought it at a local thrift store for two dollars.


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