Past, present and plans


I loved my dad, but sometimes his total lack of in involvement in my life hurt to the point of tears. He would rather drink than spend time with his kids. Once, while my brother George and I were in the Cub Scouts, we had what could have been a really nice competition. We were to build little Box Cars and roll them down the prefabbed wooden hill and onward to the finish line. However, ours didn’t roll very good, so they got stuck at the bottom of the two foot tall five long hill. Our cars never made it yo the finish line. I was so embarrassed that I cried in front of everyone. Later I found out, that dad could saved us from that embarrassment by helping us with the project.



Today is going to be a layed back easy day. Continuing to revise my blog, gives me three pages now. No doctor appointments, just writing and some TV, while trying to stay cool waiting for tonight’s meeting.



     I actually started this blog (From my Head to Yours) a year ago in April of 2015, but dropped interest after a week. Now I have renewed interest and I hope to make a good go of it.


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