Your three words, my little story

Jamie’s words: Sushi, button and headstrong


    Jamie and his daughter were heading into a three story building in downtown Wilson yesterday, when they saw something that gave them both a little pleasure. It was the revolving and it didn’t but a second till she ran into it. Seems like she went around a dozen times, while Jamie looked on smiling. He thought, she’s got to get tired sooner or later.

     Little Susie was such an average two year old, she had the greatest smile, that I’m sure she got from her pop pop. Of course she was full of energy, just like most two year olds.

    Finally out of the door through the foyer and in the elevator Susie asked, “can I push it daddy?”

    “Of course you can.”

    “Which BUTTON daddy?”

    Pointing he said, “this one honey.”

    She tried and tried to push it, but she was just too short. Only an inch more and she could reach it. “Here let me Susie.”

    “No I can do it.” She started jumping around and just happened to step on daddy’s foot, as she was standing on his feet she realised that was the inch she needed. So she pushed it and turned to daddy with the biggest grin. Jamie thought she never would have been able to do it, if she wasn’t so HEADSTRONG.

    Leaving town, they picked up momma and went to their favorite fishing hole. Susie and momma weren’t much on fishing, but this was one of Jamie’s favorite things to do.  Fishing with his family made the experience even better.

     The girls didn’t fish, but Jamie did and he started pulling them in left and right. Literally didn’t matter which side he cast to, he pulled in a fish. Momma said, “you want to take them home or start a fire here and a cook a couple here or do you want to eat one raw, so you can have your daily SUSHI fix?”


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