Your three words, my little story

Cherie’s words: Rabbit, train and lego

    It was huge, must have been a foot and a half tall, a foot wide and four feet long. You could tell the kid has been collecting for years, the normal colours, but some of the LEGO sizes were different. Eventhough Cherie didn’t know what it was, there was a certain mystique to the form. She asked the nine year old Joey, “what is it?”

    He said, “it’s a spaceship and it goes deep into space, where no man had gone before.”

    It was almost time for Joey’s dad to get home from work, meaning his two evening chores were to be finish in the next half hour. The chores were feeding the animals and watering the plants. Inside of the rambler were four plants, a dog and a cat. Outside were a lot of plants, but only two rows that needed watering and they were along the front fence line. His favorite evening chore was feeding his RABBIT. He called her Frisky, because of her whiskers. After he played with Frisky for awhile he knew his dad was soon to be off the TRAIN and almost home.

    This was Joey’s favorite time of the day, daddy’s home. Every day Monday through Friday they met in the front yard. Joey would throw his dad the big glove, then jump into his arms and yell, “I love you daddy.”

    “Love you too son, now lets play some catch.”


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