How ya like my hat?

How ta like my hat? Virginia hat


    As you can tell this state of Virginia hat doesn’t fit very good. However, I didn’t realise that when the following happened.

    While enjoying a tasty burger and fries at a local burger joint here in La Plata, I was accosted by a group of bald ladies.

    They said, “that my hat and hair was atrocious.”

    I said, ” I might understand your thoughts about my hair, but what’s wrong with my hat?”

    Apparently the leader of the group spoke up and told me, “We’re from Georgia.”

    I was wearing one of my favorite Tennessee hats, so I replied, “I’m actually from Maryland and our enemy is suppose to be Virginia.”

    She pulled out this hat and said, “if you wear this hat and say Virginia is for Lovers, we will not humiliate you here in public.”

    I thought for a moment and told her, “I’ll do it if you take a picture of me wearing it, so I can post it on my Facebook page.” So that’s how I got this hat.

    Just messin, bought it for $2 at a local thrift store.


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