Your three words, my little story.

Carrie’s words: glass, beg and intent

    The INTENT today was finding the right piece. Not close, it has to match the other three exactly. Carrie loves flea markets, thrift shops and of course trampling around town checking out all the yard sales. Yard sales are her favorite, because of the people she can meet. Some people ask her, “why are you buying everyone’s trash?,

    She is quick to say, “that’s not so. I don’t buy anyone’s trash. I buy cheap treasures from people that are finished with them.”

    She thought she finally found the right grass of tables. Plenty of dishes, cups, glasses, crystal and silverware. She thought, there it is, but she knows how to hide her excitement and slowly saunter to the end of the table. She held the piece up to the sky and was able to look straight through it, no prism. She was very depressed when she said, “dog gone it,” but still tried the second test. As she wet her index finger and rubbed it around the top of the GLASS. Yep, it was glass not crystal.

    A fellow yard saler heard her comment and said, “I’m looking for crystal too.”

    “What piece are you looking for?”

    “The very same piece as you. I already checked that one out. I need one to complete my set of eight.”

    “Are you serious? I need one to complete my set of four.” She thought for a moment and decided to BEG her for one of hers.


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