Past, present & plans


Me, my brother George and along our neighbors Steve and Paul, went frog hunting. We didn’t gig for them or eat them, we would lay down next to the creek and sneak up on them with our hands in the water and catch them. Afterwards we would always let them go, it was just something to do. This one particular day I caught 34 frogs. Way too many for my jar, so I had to empty it back into the creek several times. I won that day.

    I guess we were around eight or so and this was before the was school built. When the school came the trees left. Shortly after that more and more trees were leaving, then the houses started coming. Street after street, it seemed like they never stopped coming.


    The heat wasn’t as bad today as it has been, but last night it was very humid and I felt it in my lungs. My COPD acted up, because I tried to help a friend smoke some ribs. My problem was, when I tried to move faster than I should with my condition. I’m paying for it today. If I overly exert myself today, I will definitely pay for it tomorrow.


    I want to start walking, but it’s much easier to want to do something, than to actually do it.


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