Your three words, my little story

Wally’s words: seismic, barren and tomato

    He was surprised to find a TOMATO in such a BARREN place. He stopped, as he often does, to take a picture of some impressive scenery. This one was of a very symmetrical barn in a desert field. Nothing else was around except for a lonely tomato plant, sand, blacktop and sunshine. As he did a three sixty he could see mountains far off in all directions. With the heat rising from the sand it gave the mountains an erie wavy look.

    It was another twenty or so miles, before he saw anything other than scorching blacktop or steaming sand. It was a gas station. He was so grateful for his airconditioner, he thought giving his car a rest wouldn’t hurt. Might as well top off the tank and visit the mens room, while he had the chance.

    Inside, he paid for the gas, a soda and some chips, then said to the store keeper, “hot today.”

    The store keep replied, “oh it’s nice today. You should have been here last week, now that was hot.”

    “Hotter than this. Oh my, I’m glad I wasn’t here.” Wally sat down, then felt the ground shake. “What was that?”

    “Oh that. That’s just a little tremor, we always have SEISMIC activity out here all the time.”

    “Well, I don’t like it. Think I’ll leave.”


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