Your three words, my little story

Judy’s words: bookcase, Christmas & sandwich

    With breakfast in her stomach Judy headed towards work. Working in the little town of Sloan has it’s benefits, it’s close to home and it’s a small Mayberry type of town. Close enough that she can walk to work if she wants too. She’s lucky enough to live on a dead end street just outside of town, the few delivery trucks in town don’t have a reason to come down her street. That makes for a very peaceful neighborhood.

    She works at a quaint little book store on main street. Feeling a little hugry, she closed up shop for lunch and headed across the street to the diner. “Hi Betty,” she said to the waitress as she sat down by the window.

    “Hi Judy. Do you know what you want?” handing her a menu.

    “Yes I do. Surprise me with the soup of the day, a SANDWICH and a water with lemon.” handing back the menu. “Ham and cheese please.”

    “Comin’ right up dear.”

    This is her favorite time of year: with snow on the ground, the crisp cold freshness in the air and of course CHRISTMAS decorations that light up the night sky. During the relaxing stroll home after work, she realised she made it all the way to her den and didn’t remember taking a step. She found herself standing in front of her favorite place, her BOOKCASE. She knows her next adventure sits on one of these selves.



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