How ya like my hat?

How ya like my hat?


I was at this dude ranch trying to look cool and lose some weight. Realizing I couldn’t do either, I decided to shop.

Waisting time in the foyer of the business, I saw a number of hats for sale. The male clerk told me how nice this one looked on me, of course he was trying to make a sale. I figured he didn’t know what he was talking about and I thought I might look a little pretentious. However, while in front of a mirror appraising myself standing under the hat a very attractive lady strolled by saying, “nice hat, you look good.” Needless to say, I bought the hat.

Just messin, bought it for $4 at a local thrift store.


Random thoughts: Independence Day (true story)

Random thoughts: Independence Day (true story)


     Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans. Thanks to our founding fathers of the original 13 states, we seceded from the British in 1776 to form our very own country. The UNITED States of America. I am very proud to be an American.


How ya like my hat?


How ya like my hat? Gold O’s hat


   I was chasing this very cute lady through Safeway this morning, then out of the store and into the parking lot, after the parking lot she was heading into Target, but before she walked into the store she turned around and threw this hat at me. I stopped, picked up the hat, put it on my head and went home proud to have a new hat.

Just meesin, bought it for a buck at a yard sale. What say you?

Let’s go O’s.



First off, thanks goes to those of you that entered your emails.

Today I will add some of my existing Facebook post of “How ya like my hat?” Please bare with me, after today  and possibly tomorrow my post will settle down to  only a couple a day. All of my new post will be linked to Facebook, which I will immediately delete. Then they will show up on my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Thank you, so much!!!


How ya like my hat?

How ta like my hat? Virginia hat


    As you can tell this state of Virginia hat doesn’t fit very good. However, I didn’t realise that when the following happened.

    While enjoying a tasty burger and fries at a local burger joint here in La Plata, I was accosted by a group of bald ladies.

    They said, “that my hat and hair was atrocious.”

    I said, ” I might understand your thoughts about my hair, but what’s wrong with my hat?”

    Apparently the leader of the group spoke up and told me, “We’re from Georgia.”

    I was wearing one of my favorite Tennessee hats, so I replied, “I’m actually from Maryland and our enemy is suppose to be Virginia.”

    She pulled out this hat and said, “if you wear this hat and say Virginia is for Lovers, we will not humiliate you here in public.”

    I thought for a moment and told her, “I’ll do it if you take a picture of me wearing it, so I can post it on my Facebook page.” So that’s how I got this hat.

    Just messin, bought it for $2 at a local thrift store.

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