Past, present & plans


Still living in Lanham, I had a friend that lived up on the hill called Ronald. When ever we hung out at school the kids would call us Ronald McDonald. His first name and my last. I don’t think it bothered Ronald that much, but it did me. I believe that was the first time kids made fun of my name and I let it effect me. I don’t know for sure, but not to long after that me and Ronald stopped hanging out. Could have been his move or mine, I’m not sure.


Today was payday, that means I go to Maries and get my favorite breakfast: cream chip beef gravy over biskets, home fries smotherd with gravy, two eggs over medium and bacon. This is the breakfast I was raised on, except for it was sausage gravy. After that I payed all my monthly bills, filled up with gas, bought four cases of water and bought half of the months groceries. Before I went to Starbucks, I went home and unloaded the water and groceries. It wasn’t real hot today, but toten all that out of the van and onto the boat took a lot out of me. Sometimes moving things from land to the boat can be diffacult, depends on how the water is acting. The COPD almost got the best of me today, due to all the action. I’ll pay for it tomorrow.


An eighty six year old friend of mine (Matt) is writing an autobiography and sometimes I help with the computer end of his writing. I’ll help him tomorrow for a couple of hours. I met Matt a couple of years ago at our Creative Writing course at the local college. We’ve become pretty good friends since then.


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