Your three words, my little story

Matt’s words: air, water and land

As you would expect his sea legs felt different on the fourteen footer as it did on his hundred and fifty six foot yacht. While on a small boat he feels every little wave and his balance might take a hit. It would be easy to lose his balance and go overboard, however on his yacht he hardly feels the WATER at all. Sometimes he forgets he’s on the water till he sees it.

His yacht was a pleasure boat not a fishing boat. If he really wanted to fish though he could go to the stern, where there is a set of steps that lead down to a hidden area called The Fishing Den. It has a stereo, TV, frig, small bar, bench seats and a couple of fishing chairs setup up for the big fish. Matt quit smoking last year and that use to be his favorite place to smoke. Now he doesn’t go down there much, because of the memories.

It seems the freshest AIR is at the helm, but it could be because he loves being Captain Matt and the helm is the place to be. He loves breathing better and his wheezing seems to have lessened.

As usual, when ever his son sees LAND he yells, land ho. Even though it normally isn’t the direction they want to go, so everyone usually ignores him. Matt threatened to throw him overboard once if he didn’t stop yelling it. It never phased the kid as he continues to yell every chance he gets, then he looks at his dad and grins.


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