Your three words, my little story

Bill’s words: music, island & earth

Not another sound on this cool crisp dawn, other than birds chirping, fish popping and MUSIC playing on his phone. Bill comes here three or four times a week to be alone in his thoughts. He’s really not a fisherman, often he doesn’t bring a fishing pole and when he does he hardly ever uses it. The point of this time is being still on the EARTH as it spins on it’s axis.
Most of his thoughts are of his wife and their little farm, that’s their sanctuary and they love it. He also gives brief thoughts to yesterday’s ups and downs, before preparing and heading to work for the daily grind.
Next week they’re taking a vacation to Hawaii. This is something they hardly ever do. Not because they can’t afford it, because they can. They just love home, however they feel they need a break from their friend Jim. Jim’s a nice guy, but he always seems to be there. He’s always trying to talk them into these crazy little adventures. This adventure is theirs and it will be without him, on an ISLAND far, far away from him.


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