Past, present & plans



After the school was built, me and my sister were riding our bikes on one of the new streets next to where we use to catch frogs. Debbie fell off her bike and cut a big gash in her leg. I wanted to help, but I had no idea of what to do. I was so afraid for my little sister, me being the big brother I was supposed to take care of her. If I yelled for mom or dad they wouldn’t hear me. I don’t think she could have walked home, so for what seemed like ages I knelt next to her stunned. It was probably less than a minute when a man came out of one of the new houses picked her up in his arms and carried her home. I left my bike there got Debbie’s and showed him where we lived. I don’t remember ever seeing him again, but he is one of the people that will come to mind sometimes, when I think of my sister. Not every day, every week or even every year, but sometimes I think of him. That’s the kind of person I want to grow up to be.


I am officially retired and disabled now. I get one dollar for disability, that’s enough to keep all my disability benefits. Thank you Lord God, because there is no way I would be able to go to the doctors without it. Now I get paid on the third instead of the first, so when my monthly phone bill came due yesterday I didn’t have the money to renew. My internet, phone and of course texting is all rolled up in that one little computer. I’m going to try and go till the fifth this month without paying the bill in hopes that it won’t come due again till a full thirty days later. I hope they don’t say, that next month’s bill will come due at the beginning of the month. I’m sitting at Starbucks with my phone and computer on their WiFi writing this.


I hope to make a go of this blog, since I get the bare minimum the government can give someone for retirement. Hoping that maybe somewhere down the road this can make me some money.


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