Your three words, my little story: Darla’s words (true story)

Your three words, my little story: Darla’s words: mercy, pain & happiness (true story)

It was that time of year again and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Does anyone look forward to going to the Dentist? Todays visit was just a cleaning, but when your teeth are as bad as mine it still hurts a little. I can only hope that the doctor has MERCY on me. She seems to be very capable of doing her job and somewhat compassionate while doing it. Well the cleaning went well and I was so happy to be out of there and sitting in front of the receptionist making my next appointment.

I know I just left a cleaning, but I was hungry. Thinking it was better if I didn’t eat before seeing my Dentist, especially since I just brushed my teeth and gargled. Sitting down the street at the “Dash In” counter with my tasty Monday lunch always brings me pleasure. Normally this lunch is spicy chicken wings, potato wedges and a soda. Sometimes the ice in the soda causes PAIN in my teeth, because of the cold. So I give a little pause every time, before the first drink.

One of my favorite places to be is sitting in front of some water with a fishing pole in hand. It is nice to catch a fish, but the best part is being alone in my thoughts. Pure HAPPINESS is a lost feeling now a days, but I know when I’m in it. Normally catching a fish is a added joy.


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