Past, present & plans 8-6-16

One night me, my brother and cousins were playing some kind of ball in the front yard at the Lanham house. This is the first time I remember that the grass would itch if I would roll around in it while hot and sweaty. Someone threw the ball to the left of the house, since I was the closest I got to it first. I thought I saw aunt Bernice in a flowing white gown. Wondering how she got there and changed clothes so quick baffled me, because I just saw her sitting on the front porch. All of a sudden the figure turned away from me and headed toward the fence. What happened next scared me to my bones, the figure kind of glided over the fence and kept heading up into the night sky. I guess it was moving at about a forty degree angle from the ground. I was so afraid that when it was about ten feet or so passed the fence I turned and ran back to the front yard. I was yelling about what I just saw, when I saw aunt Bernice still on the front porch. She sat there and grinned at me while most of the kids ran to the side of the house and saw nothing. However they believed me. I have never forgotten that and have no explanation for it.

I found out today that one of those cousins is in a bad way with her Amyloidosis. Amy for short, is a rare disease that occurs, when an abnormal protein called Amyloid builds up in the major organs, bones and/or tissue. Of course just like any other cancer it can be very painful. There is no cure for it and her brothers and sisters have already died from it over the years.

I got an email from a friend today urging me to keep writing. Very nice of him to show interest in my guest for story telling by the written word. He said, “you should write thirty minutes a day.” Regardless of what is happening in that particular day. I have to repeat my thought, it was nice to hear that. As I am trying to get this blog off the ground, it takes at least an hour per story and I’m trying to post one or two stories a day.


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