Your three words, my little story 8-12-16

Jeanette’s words: skyscraper, scooter & dumpster

She was an adventurous young woman, but not enough to get a Harley. Her little SCOOTER was all the speed and weight she wanted to handle. She didn’t need anymore to get around her home town of Sloan. Her cute little open faced helmet put just enough air in her face to wake her up every morning. Great on gas and the basket hanging off the handle bars were normally enough to carry her groceries home.

While getting on her scooter behind the Doctor’s office she noticed something strange. On the other side of the DUMPSTER was a pair of shoes and they were on a pair of feet. When she went closer she stayed on her bike, because she could drive faster than run if she had to.

It looked like her friend Wally, but he was on vacation somewhere out in the desert. The body had scrapes, bruises and blood everywhere and it looked like it was thrown off of a SKYSCRAPER. However the closest building that could be considered a skyscraper was in Wilson and that was only a five story building.

She had no desire to get any closer, so she went back inside to get the doctor and call the sheriff. Doctor George came out with her and knelt over the body to check his pulse. They were waiting on the sheriff, when Betty walked toward the dumpster carrying a bag of garbage from the dinner. She saw the commotion and said, “what’s going on?”

Jeanette said, “this man is dead.”



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