How ya like my hat? Hughesville (true story)

How ya like my hat? Hughesville (true story)


We moved to Hughesville from Lanham in ’65. The post office was at the center of town and if you blinked you would miss it. I attended fifth grade , played Pony League baseball, played Colt League baseball and met my first girl friend there. I lived on that farm till I married Mickey in ’72.


Our little town never had hats back then, so when I saw this hat at a yard sale my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. Two dollars bought this one and another similar one it. The “H” does stand for a Hughesville softball team. Too cool.


This picture was taken about a year and a half ago at the local Bed, Bath and Beyond. A guy that worked there took several pictures for me. When I was explaining to him that I wanted the pictures for my, “How ya like my hat?” gig, it was very apparent to me that he didn’t care.



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