Your three words, my little story 8-17-16

Michael’s words: bananas, ocean & space


Michael’s favorite sandwich was sometimes called an Elvis Sandwich or simply The Elvis. It’s easy to make since all you need is bread, peanut butter and BANANAS. Some people put it on toast, with honey or even grill it. A friend told him to, “Add some bacon to it.” However, he couldn’t wrap his head around that taste. He loves bacon and likes peanut butter and bananas, but not together. He couldn’t imagine wasting a piece of bacon like that.

He told his friend, “Bacon was put on this earth to eat as a snack.” He decided to bring some Elvis Sandwiches, a bag of bacon and some water for the trip tomorrow. It was going to cost him and five of his friends $300 a piece for the deep sea charter. The eighteen hundred dollars covers the boat, a twelve hour trip, the Captain, first mate, boat, chum and bait. Rather expensive, but it’s a trip way out in the OCEAN. So the price, that normally could buy two weeks of groceries was well worth it.

Michael’s buddy Joe, got a little sick and started his own style of chumming. Michael said, “Let’s get you down below, so you can get some rest.”

Another friend said, “I can’t swim that good. I was all right as long as I could see land, but we’re so far out here, I’m a little scared. All I see is rough wavy water, blue sky and wide open SPACE.”
Michael again said, “Let’s get you down below, so you can get some rest.”


Now it was only four fishermen, which made it much easier on the first mate. He only had to bait four lines and less fish to take off the hooks, if the Captain guided them over some fish. That also meant his tip would be less, unless Joe gave him extra for cleaning his chum off the boat.

But Michael didn’t have share as much of his bacon, so he was good with it.


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