Past, present & plans: 8-20-16



My dad grabbed me by my right arm and forced me from the back yard to the bath room. Inside the bathroom he put me over his knee, held me tight and spanked me till I cried.


The reason he did that was, because earlier in the day I fault with my brother George, till blood shot from his face. Mom said it squirted above my head.


A week later some kids from the hill were going to beat George up, but I stepped in and ran them off. It wasn’t as easy as I made it sound, but they got up from the ground and left.


I loved my brother, however he is no longer with us. He died at the age of thirty.




Yesterday the dentist pulled number twenty three out of my jaw. That’s in the lower front section of my mouth.


The actual procedure didn’t hurt as much as the pain I built up in my head. The tooth had to go. Of course I felt the first shot, the second and the third one, but nothing after that. However, I saw her sneak a pair of pliers in my mouth and I could tell she grabbed my wiggly tooth. I watched her twist it to the left, to the right, back to the left and then to right and out. Watching her twist it was freaky.




I would like to move down to Tennessee and live there for the rest of my life. I might have an opportunity to do that and buy a nice little house in the suburbs.


Arlington National Cemetery



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