Your three words, my little story 8-20-16

Butches words: sunshine, submarine & smartass


Butch and a few of his cousin’s were hanging out on the deck telling stories and enjoying the SUNSHINE, when out of no where it started to rain. Not just a little, but it was pouring. Within seconds everything that wasn’t in the cooler was soaking wet.


Butch said, “We can take our clothes off and get our weekly showers in.”


Carolyn said, “You SMARTASS, lets just go inside and dry ourselves off.”


The only one that had any sense was Jim, because he said, “let’s order a pizza.”


Butch said, “What will y’all eat? One is enough for me.”


About that time little Johnny ran outside with a boat, SUBMARINE and a match box car. “Uncle Butch, how about you, uncle Jimmy and aunt Carolyn split one, then me and Sally can split one.”


“Who’s kid is that?”


“I thought he was yours.”


“Not mine! I know where my kids are at tonight. Do you know where your kids are?”


“I might not know where they are, but they’re smart enough not to stand out in the rain for five minutes discussing pizza.”


Three post, three birds



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