Your three words, my little story: Doctor G’s words

Your three words, my little story

Doctor G’s words: clinic, parking & weather


It looked like rain when Doctor G was PARKING her car. Her and the rest of her office park in the back alley, all the shops do.


The only other parking is in front, most small towns like Sloan have diagonal parking. The bigger the shop, the more parking you have. A large business like the Five & Dime down the street will have more sidewalk footage. The CLINIC, the barber shop and the book store across the street have small footage, the dinner is a little bigger.


When doc was getting out of her car, she saw Betty heading back in the dinner. It’s been a couple of days since they found the body, but for a small town she thought there would be more answers. She didn’t have to be in the office for a half an hour, so why not visit Betty and get some coffee.


She liked sitting around the corner at the counter, so she could watch the comings and goings easier. “Hi Betty.”


“Hi Doc. How’s your love life?”


“Bad, just like the WEATHER looks. Hey, tell me about the stranger.”
“He sat in the corner.” She said, while pointing to a booth next a window. “He ordered the morning special, although he hardly touched it and read the Wilson Gazette. He didn’t say much, but he sure talked on the phone a lot.”


“Wonder who he was talking to?”
“Who knows. He must have made four phone calls, but something was a little strange.”


“What’s so strange about that?”


“That’s not the odd part. Three of the phone calls were on the pay phone, but the one on his cell phone got heated.”


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