Your three words, my little story: Kristian’s words

Your three words, my little story:


Kristian’s words: whale, land & fight


Kristian loved boating, but was not necessarily fond of fishing. She thought it was too messy and she didn’t want to FIGHT for her dinner. So she normally wouldn’t go, unless it was all fun and no work. She thought the act of fishing was work and might not be safe for her kids.


Oscar asked her, “Come on Kris, you and the twins will be safe and have a great time. They’ll be safe, I promise.”


“What’s for dinner tonight.?”


“Hopefully Tuna.” However, all she wanted to do was sunbath, while her friend trolled for the big one. She didn’t bring the little ones on this trip, that way she could relax knowing they wouldn’t fall overboard.


With his rod in the water and a Tuna Witch on the hook, the fun was set to begin. It was hours before they saw anything on the fish finder and Kris was tired of the water and ready for some LAND.


Finally the captain yelled, “Fish on!” Oscar jumped up, grabbed his rod and pulled it back to him as hard as he could. When he went forward with it, the blue fin tuna jumped out of the water, as quickly as that happened a marlin jumped up and swallowed it whole.


Joe and the captain were amazed, but what happened next stunned them both. Before the marlin hit the water a shark was quick on its tail and swallowed it whole.


The captain’s jaw dropped, when Kris jumped up started pointing further out in the water and screamed, “What’s that coming this way?”


“Oh crap! It’s a killer WHALE!”


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