Past, present & plans 8-24-16

Past, present & plans 8-24-16




I was six, when dad took me to my first baseball game. It was at Griffith Stadium in Washington, DC. That was the Senator’s team that moved to Minnesota in 1960.


We had some good players, but Harmon Killebrew was the one to watch. I was too young to be much of a fan, however an afternoon with dad was special. Popcorn was sold in a funnel shaped piece of thin cardboard and once you were finished with it you could tear the bottom off of the funnel and have a makeshift megaphone. My only memory of the game was yelling Killebrew through the piece of paper, while dad egged me on.


Good memory




It was a good weather day, but I still did not walk. No appointments of any sort, so I stayed in and saved money. My neighbor got evicted today and that makes four that left, in the two years I’ve been here. Two of their own accord and two were forced to leave.




I remembered today, that when I write something in WordPress and share it on Twitter, I should hashtag certain groups. So I hash tagged: #shortstory #storytelling #write #books and a few others. I had immediate success with several likes and a few new followers. I will do the same thing with my poetry, by adding #poetry and #poem.



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