Reminiscin’ with Jenny: Buzzards and Polecats

Buzzards and Polecats


I was driving down the road just at dusk, when out of the corn field marched mama polecat (skunk). She was followed by her six little ones. Swerving to miss them, my left front tire caught mama by the tail and before I knew it I had run over the mama and three of her babies. The other three managed to make it to safety and quickly scampered down the bank.


I stopped the car and as I looked in the rearview mirror, there was a terrible sight in the middle of the road! Black and white fur was everywhere! I kept waiting for the smell but there was none. Oh well, I thought, I just helped out the polecat population explosion by eliminating four of them.


A couple days later I was driving down the same country road on my way to church, when I saw a buzzard perched on a fence post, then I saw another and another. I thought, maybe it was time for the local buzzard convention.


My sense of smell kicked in and the stench was unbearable. It permeated every inch of the car. I remembered about the polecats, that met their demise as a result of my erratic driving. I rounded the corner six more buzzards sat in the middle of the road feasting upon a plateful of dead polecat.


Each one of them had a white streak that covered half their face and down their breasts. They looked a little strange and out of place, I wondered how could they eat something that smelled so bad. The closer I got the worse the smell got and it was, then I discovered the buzzards were wearing their dinner napkins, ‘cowboy style’ and that’s how they were able to avoid the smell.


Moral of the story: where there is a will there is a way!!! and that ‘s it for today.



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