How ya like my hat? Hooters hat

How ya like my hat? Hooters hat


After reading the sign in front of Hooters, upset wasn’t a strong enough word. It read, “We are temporarily out of wings.” The only reason we went there was, because of their World Famous Wings. You’re probably thinking, yeah right, you go there for the scantily women not the wings.


My girl fought me six ways to Sunday. She mentioned, “You only want to go for the short shorts and the bountiful cleavage.” Well, she’s was right. However, it was a lot of work convincing her otherwise.


“I really have a taste for spicy wings and they have the best in town.” I was faced with a dilemma, I couldn’t rectify. How could we still walk in and eat something else. My only recourse, was to turn to her and say, “Let’s go to Jack’s.”


She said with a devious grin, “They also have good burgers. Let’s go in.” I feel this a trick!


Just messin, paid a dollar for it at a yard sale.



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