How ya like my hat? O’s helmet (true story)

How ya like my hat?
O’s helmet (true story)


I went to several yard sales today, hunting for a stylo pen for my LG phone. Never found the pen, but I did come across this jewel. She wanted fifteen dollars for it, so I knew I wasn’t going to buy it. It also looked too small for my big head.


While walking away, I realized I needed a picture of it. Knowing, it wouldn’t fit I put it on anyway. I asked her, “Can you take less?”


“Make me an offer.”


“A dollar.”


She looked at me and laughed. At the same time, I was hunting for a teenager to take a picture of me wearing it. I was surrounded by people my age or older, so I asked the guy at the next table. He asked me, “Is that one of them smart phones?”


“Yes sir.”


He looked at me and laughed. “Sorry buddy, can’t help you.”


Now, two of them were laughing and the lady said, “A picture will make it twenty.”


I knew I had to find a make shift photographer in the crowd. Finally this guy said, “If all I have to do is push a button.”


“Yeah. Here it is, right here.” I said, as I was pointing at the button. He took a couple, I shook his hand and off he went. By this time anyone around me was either grinning or laughing.


I walked back to the table and sat the helmet back down, when the lady repeated, “With the picture it should cost you twenty.”


I told her, “Since it’s fifteen dollars, I have to ask my wife. I’ll send her this picture and and let you know.”


“You have to ask you wife?”


“Oh yeah. I learned my lesson.” Then I walked away.


True story, except I’m not married anymore. I did tell her that though, as an excuse to leave.



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