Past, present & plans 8-28-16

Past, present & plans 8-28-16




I was seven, when me and dad were on our way to a farm-lot that he rented. We just crossed route four fifty, when dad handed me his beer.


I can’t remember what he said, but I do remember what he wanted. I tipped the can up on my bottom lip for a swallow, then turned to my open window and spit it out.


To this day I don’t know if I spit it out, because of the taste of beer or because it was a Schlitz.




Me and Matt went to a few yard sales and flee markets yesterday. Matt is eighty seven and normally sits in the car, while I search for what ever is on my list.


He says he just likes to get out of the house. Often, I feel the same way. With my continual lack of funds, I know if I don’t go anywhere I can’t spend any money. Also my living arrangements don’t allow me much room to store things. So when I go out it’s for a specific need.


We put together a specific route of six places, with information I gathered from ‘Craigslist’. We started at eight o’clock in the morning and returned home three hours later by eleven.


I saved my favorite place for second to the last, that way the route was a nice circle. COPD was taking a big toll by the time I was in ‘Hidden Treasures’ and I almost passed out. I spent three dollars and gas and was able to spend some quality time with Matt.


I can’t do the little things anymore and yard sales are a passion. Smoking cigarettes, pot and other drugs are finally taking it’s toll. I’m only sixty two.




If I had a hundred thousand dollars, I would pay off my ten thousand dollars of debt, buy a better houseboat or a little house I know of in Tennessee and write. If I had a million dollars I would do the same, but I would add a vehicle that is good on gas.



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