How ya like my hat? Sombrero

How ya like my hat? Sombrero


I finally made it to the motel after a three hour hiatus, caused by not one, but two flat tires.


Even though the road was lined on both sides by a mix of pine, spruce, maple and oak, the sun still found its way to my bald spot. It was a scorching, blistering and unrelenting heat and I had no protection for my head at all.


Not only was the sun playing havoc on my head, I only had one spare. I already put it on the right rear and moved to the front. I was in the process of taking the right front off, when I noticed a guy standing over me blocking the sun. I said, “Thank God.”


“No. I’m Steve.” The guy said with a grin.


“Thank you for blocking the sun. Do you have a 275/60R15 tire?”


He felt his chest, his front pockets, then his back pockets and said, “No, but I do have a hat for that burnt spot on your head.”


“I’ll take it. Can I get a ride to the nearest service station?”


“Sure.” I put both flats in the back of his truck and off we went.

Just messin, paid a dollar for it at a local thrift store.


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