Your three words, my little story: Gary’s 2nd set

Your three words, my little story
Gary’s 2nd set: consanguineous, misogynistic and deciduous.


All the DECIDUOUS flora will be in hibernation later in the month. That’s one of the reasons why the organizers, thought the colorful fall would be a good time for the reunion. It’s refreshing, picturesque and a bargain to rent the park out in the off season.


Most of the family didn’t believe that Jim was MISOGYNISTIC like the rest of the men in their CONSANGUINEOUS family tree. However, Jim, Ernie and Carolyn knew different. Ernie was proud to have a cousin with that many notches on his belt, while Carolyn knew Jim’s morals had changed when he got sober.


Parts of Jim missed having a different woman every week, sometimes every night. Then he looks at family and friends, that are growing old and grey together, with their first and only love. Something he never had was a history with that special someone. He often thinks that life would have outweighed all those happy endings.


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