Your three words, my little story: Anonymous

Your three words, my little story

Anonymous: verdant, felicitous & vestiges


The treasure map Roy found didn’t have a precise point of entry into the woods and he didn’t have adequate skills to read it anyway. So he put together a team of twelve, which was six two man squads. Each pair had a Retevis H-777, 16 channel single band two way radio walkie talkie.


The best they could figure the starting point was five feet to the north of a huge oak tree right on the tree line. However, it could have been three hundred feet to the left or right. So that meant the old cabin would be exactly two miles due east from any point of three hundred and five feet north of the oak, to two hundred and ninety five feet south of it.


They set up base camp just outside of the oak tree. Roy was on the team that went in at the midpoint and there were two teams to his left and two teams to the right. A hundred and fifty feet apart separated all teams, but of course one team was left at base camp.


Everyone had a FELICITOUS machete able to cut through the thick VERDANT forest. They kept in close contact by radios and compasses. As they cut their way through the wooded vegetation Roy finally found the VESTIGES of cabins, that were so rundown and overgrown he almost walked right past them.


He called everyone to the cabins, while four stayed and set up camp, six went back to gather the rest of the gear needed to dig for the treasure.



Foot note: I beleive I used your words correctly, but I don’t know how smoothly they fit into the story.

Your three words, my little story: Becky’s words

Your three words, my little story
Becky’s words: dogs, kite and ocean


Often Becky would lift her head from her book and watch the people playing catch, flying kites and having picnics. All of that was happening outside of the fenced area, but Becky and her DOGS were inside the dog park. In the park she could invest more attention to her book, while her dogs had their fun.


The book was called, ‘The KITE Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini written in 2004. It was centered on the friendship of two young teenage boys. One of the boy’s dad was a rich man and his servant was the father of the other teen.


In the book the boys were involved in a kite flying contest. The author makes an analogy, of the many kites in the sky as sharks in the OCEAN searching for prey.


By the time Becky finished chapter seven, both of her dogs were laying at her feet plumb tuckered out and ready to go home. Off they went.


Three post, three birds

Past, present & plans 8-28-16

Past, present & plans 8-28-16




I was seven, when me and dad were on our way to a farm-lot that he rented. We just crossed route four fifty, when dad handed me his beer.


I can’t remember what he said, but I do remember what he wanted. I tipped the can up on my bottom lip for a swallow, then turned to my open window and spit it out.


To this day I don’t know if I spit it out, because of the taste of beer or because it was a Schlitz.




Me and Matt went to a few yard sales and flee markets yesterday. Matt is eighty seven and normally sits in the car, while I search for what ever is on my list.


He says he just likes to get out of the house. Often, I feel the same way. With my continual lack of funds, I know if I don’t go anywhere I can’t spend any money. Also my living arrangements don’t allow me much room to store things. So when I go out it’s for a specific need.


We put together a specific route of six places, with information I gathered from ‘Craigslist’. We started at eight o’clock in the morning and returned home three hours later by eleven.


I saved my favorite place for second to the last, that way the route was a nice circle. COPD was taking a big toll by the time I was in ‘Hidden Treasures’ and I almost passed out. I spent three dollars and gas and was able to spend some quality time with Matt.


I can’t do the little things anymore and yard sales are a passion. Smoking cigarettes, pot and other drugs are finally taking it’s toll. I’m only sixty two.




If I had a hundred thousand dollars, I would pay off my ten thousand dollars of debt, buy a better houseboat or a little house I know of in Tennessee and write. If I had a million dollars I would do the same, but I would add a vehicle that is good on gas.


How ya like my hat? O’s helmet (true story)

How ya like my hat?
O’s helmet (true story)


I went to several yard sales today, hunting for a stylo pen for my LG phone. Never found the pen, but I did come across this jewel. She wanted fifteen dollars for it, so I knew I wasn’t going to buy it. It also looked too small for my big head.


While walking away, I realized I needed a picture of it. Knowing, it wouldn’t fit I put it on anyway. I asked her, “Can you take less?”


“Make me an offer.”


“A dollar.”


She looked at me and laughed. At the same time, I was hunting for a teenager to take a picture of me wearing it. I was surrounded by people my age or older, so I asked the guy at the next table. He asked me, “Is that one of them smart phones?”


“Yes sir.”


He looked at me and laughed. “Sorry buddy, can’t help you.”


Now, two of them were laughing and the lady said, “A picture will make it twenty.”


I knew I had to find a make shift photographer in the crowd. Finally this guy said, “If all I have to do is push a button.”


“Yeah. Here it is, right here.” I said, as I was pointing at the button. He took a couple, I shook his hand and off he went. By this time anyone around me was either grinning or laughing.


I walked back to the table and sat the helmet back down, when the lady repeated, “With the picture it should cost you twenty.”


I told her, “Since it’s fifteen dollars, I have to ask my wife. I’ll send her this picture and and let you know.”


“You have to ask you wife?”


“Oh yeah. I learned my lesson.” Then I walked away.


True story, except I’m not married anymore. I did tell her that though, as an excuse to leave.


Your three words, my little story: Debra’s words

Your three words, my little story

Debra’s words: love, first & sight


Debra’s dad just turned eighty six yesterday and at his birthday party, he was bumping into everything. At one point he almost knocked over her fish tank. “Poppa, be careful! Are you alright?” Like many people, he was too vain to wear his glasses.


“Yeah, I’m ok Debra.”


The next morning, she yelled down the hall, “Your eggs are ready.”


“Good! I’m starved.” Poppa use to LOVE reading the paper over breakfast, starting with the front page. After that he would recline in the living room, while drinking his coffee he would finish with the sports page.


He hasn’t done that in awhile. The FIRST thing she noticed weeks ago, was his refusal to read. Not really refusing, but he didn’t have his normal enthusiasm for the written word. Reading was his favorite way of passing time.


“I’m going to the mall. Want to drive?” The second thing, she noticed was he doesn’t drive anymore.


“Sounds good sweetie, you drive though. What are you shopping for?”


“Going to get Jim McDonald’s new novel. Why don’t you bring your glasses and you can read it out loud on the way home.” She watched as he picked up his glasses, that was a SIGHT for sore eyes.