Your three words, my little story: Collin’s words

Your three words, my little story

Collin’s words: car, salt & fish


Collin’s CAR was good on gas, but not good in the snow. So he didn’t really want to go shopping, but he forgot to get bread, milk and toilet paper.


As soon as he pulled out of his long gravel driveway, he realized this was a mistake. The two lane blacktop hadn’t been plowed or driven on yet, so he tried to take his half of the road right in the middle.


He pulled up to the IGA and not a car or customer was there. He was actually afraid to pull into the parking lot, but it was that or keep on driving to Sloan.


He made the turn and headed home. It took him two hours to make a thirty minute drive. When he pulled up to his house he noticed the lights were off. First thing he thought of was the FISH in the freezer.


Colin piled some split oak in the fireplace and lit it up. He stood at the freezer door trying to remember exactly where the perch was at, so he could pull two out and quickly shut the door. However he pulled out two bass, which was fine. He then thawed them out and seasoned them with SALT and pepper and swung them over the fire.



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