Random thoughts: favorite place in Maryland (true story)

Random thoughts: favorite place in Maryland (true story)


Me and Raymond like to play games with people. So on the way back from Virginia, we stopped off at a Maryland Visitor Center to play one. We pretended we were from Idaho and never been to Maryland before. The center was closed, but we had the opportunity to talk to a very friendly man, that had some kind of job there.


Raymond asked him, “If you had a chance to see or do one thing in Maryland what would it be?”


The man kind of ignored the question, but he did give Raymond a couple of magazines. Raymond then told him, “We stopped at a Virginia Visitor Center and asked a lady the same question.”


Our guy said, “Oh?”


“She told us, she had no idea, because she just moved there from Wisconsin.”


I said, “Yeah, that was funny.”


A little later we were sitting at Twin Kiss, Raymond got a Strawberry Sunday and I got a medium slow cone. We started talking to some other locals and we asked them the same question. One guy said, “Annapolis is nice.”


The other guy said, “We just left Mallows Bay.”


Me and Raymond realized if we were put on the spot with the same question, we would hesitate a little also. Raymond thought we are famous for our Blue Crabs and I mentioned Ocean City.


Where is your favorite place in Maryland?



17 thoughts on “Random thoughts: favorite place in Maryland (true story)

  1. Have only been to Maryland a couple of times…but was there this past spring. Really really loved that park that starts with A out on the outer banks, with the wild horses. Can’t pronounce it or spell it… but it was a lot of fun and very beautiful.


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