Your three words, my little story: Gwyn D’s words

Your three words, my little story
Gwyn D’s words: carousel, happenstance & audacious


Late Wednesday evening, Gwyn was walking into the Sloan coffee shop, when she noticed a very attractive fella sitting outside with his dog. They nodded and smiled at each other, before she opened the door and ushered her niece inside.


By HAPPENSTANCE Thursday she was sitting at the same table with her niece, while he walked in with his dog. This time he asked her, “Do you want a refill?”


“No thank you, maybe tomorrow.” She said with a cute little grin.


“Ok! Looking forward to it”


Friday they met in line, she still had her niece, but he had a young boy with him. He said, “How about tomorrow we meet at the carnival. Same time, somewhere around the CAROUSEL?”


“How AUDACIOUS of you!” But she was trying to figure out a way to ask him something similar anyway. “With the kids right?”


“Oh yeah!”


“Make it seven and you have a deal. By the way, don’t you owe me a coffee?”


My cute little grand son Liam. So proud of him!


11 thoughts on “Your three words, my little story: Gwyn D’s words

  1. Thank you, so much for reading it. I wrote that for my Creative Writing course and with my professor’s guidance, I submitted it to the college magazine and it was accepted. I had a week to write another one for the course.

    A good number of people have asked me, “What happened next?” Just like you did, so now I’m on chapter five. It’s on the back burner though, because it’s much easier to write short stories than a novel.


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