Your three words, my little story: Brian’s words

Your three words, my little story

Brian’s words: pizza, house & 57 Chevy


The other day Brian was meeting his friends at the PIZZA parlor for lunch. He had to walk, because his truck was in the shop having a Flowmaster Dual Exhaust Kit installed. He’s been saving for months and couldn’t wait to hear the new sound.


He walked down the stairs and out of the HOUSE, then took a right toward the square. It was a beautiful Sloan Sunday, so he knew the old man would be on his bench to the right reading his paper and Margret would be on hers to the left crocheting and feeding the pigeons.


He walked between the two of them, past the Diner, Clinic and into the run down building on the corner. Everyone was at their booth and his soda was already on the table. Pizza hadn’t come yet though, no matter how hungry he was that didn’t speed up the oven.


A couple of hours later Brian rode with his friend to get his 57 CHEVY. After hearing the beast like rumble, he felt it was well worth the hundred and fifty dollars for the new pipes. Next comes the paint.


Brownsville PA


3 thoughts on “Your three words, my little story: Brian’s words

  1. Brian is real, but the story is fiction. All of my ‘Your three words, my little story’ are fiction. I wrote that since I told you good night. I found I wanted to right instead of sleep. I might write another one, before I sleep. All of my ‘Random thoughts’ stories are fact.


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