Past, present & plans 9-7-16

Past, present & plans 9-7-16




At the moment I can’t think of anything notable left at Lanham, so I will move on.


We moved from Lanham, MD, south to Hughesville, MD in the fall of ’65. It was a very interesting time for me, because I don’t remember much of the previous moves. Of course I didn’t want to leave my friends, but I was interested in living in the country.


It was just dad and I the first night there and we camped out in the living room. Again I felt special, but I’m sure it was only because I was the oldest at eleven.


Dad said he wanted to move us kids out of the city and give us a chance to grow up working in the dirt.




Yesterday Matt and I, went to one of the local Senior Centers for a “Meet the Author”session and also register Matt. We found out I misread the calendar and was at the wrong center. After Matt registered we went to the Waldorf Jaycees to meet the author. She was a Waldorf resident named Mary Ann Jenkins, who wrote three books so far.


We both learned so much, since we are trying  to learn how to write we soak up all the knowledge we can.


There was eighteen of us in the audience and she taught us about copy writing, self publishing and of course told us about her process of writing. I did buy one her books and got her autograph.




I decided yesterday not only will I add a new category called, ‘Story by others’ I will add another one called ‘Meet the writer’. Over the past two years I have probably gone to at least six writer signings and took notes on all of them. I will probably start with Mary Ann Jenkins, since she is the latest.



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