How ya like my hat? Tall hat

How ya like my hat? Tall hat


I was heading into a meeting with a bunch of my friends, when one of them pulled me off to the side. He told me, “I’ll give you a dollar, if you wear this hat during the whole meeting and lunch afterward.”


I said, “No, but I’ll do it for six dollars.”


“Why six?”


“That way I’ll have money for lunch.”


He said, “Okay.”, thinking he got me to do something, that I normally wouldn’t do.


After lunch my friend Wally asked me, “Where did you get money for lunch?” I told him the deal I made and he said, “That’s a pretty good deal for you.”


“Yeah it is.” Wally knows I would have bought the hat for my, ‘How ya like my hat?’ gig. This way I got the picture, story and lunch for free.


Picture was probably taken in 2014.

Just messin, paid a dollar for it at a yard sale.


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