Random thoughts: ageless (true story)

Random thoughts: ageless (true story)


My new writing spot is on the lower deck at Port Tobacco Marina Restaurant, known to some as the ‘Port’. I was heading down there to write about an author I had the pleasure of meeting the other day, when I had an unexpected surprise.


First off, I often say, “Where ya goin’?” To people, when they are walking past me. Some will answer and some won’t, but those that do answer, we get to spend a short time together in this large life.


Port Tobacco Marina at night

I was walking over to my new spot, when a man asked me, “Where you going?” I found out later his name is Dave and he was refered to as the leader of the pack of three men and one woman. The average age is seventy six and they were out jet skiing.


I was pointing down to the lower deck, when I decided to chat with them for a while instead. I’m normally not in any hurry anyway, so spending time these friendly people was a delight. I told them, “I was going down there to write.”
Dave asked, “You’re a writer?”
I replied, “I’m trying to be.” And chuckled.
I quickly gave them my life story, “My first wife left me and my two sons, when they were two and four. Now they’re in their forties. I raised them in a drinking and drugging environment, till I quit in their teens. I have a lot to write about, my kids, drinking, drugging and women. I just need to learn how to write, so you will turn to the next page of my story.”
Dave said, “Ummmm.”
“I got sick with COPD and lost my house and bought, that houseboat.” I said while pointing to it. I then said, “I haven’t cut my hair since I moved on the boat. I thought the look went with the whole writing on a houseboat scene.”
That’s when one of them mentioned, “We are jet skiing!”
“Cool! On those?” Pointing to my right across the little channel.



Dave is in the ski to the right

The lady said, “Yes.”


That’s the 81 year old youngster on the left and his 76 year old wife on the right

“WOW! That is so cool.” We talked about that for a while, because I was truly amazed at the vigor in this group. I can barely get out of bed and here they’re playing in the water. They paid their bill, while I advertised my little blog site.


Then they headed across the bridge to their powerful little water machines. The oldest youngster is eighty one. I thought I was doing something special by going back to school and trying to become a writer. These guys are truly ageless.


This is the bridge that connects ‘Port Tobacco Marina’ to the ‘Port Tobacco Restaurant’.


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