Your three words, my little story: Joyce’s words

Your three words, my little story
Joyce’s words: magnolia, well & conure


Joyce has many hobbies, but her favorite is horticulture. She lives in a one room shack just north of the Bayou. She’s not Cajun, but her food and most of her plant life are.


People come from all over to see her grand MAGNOLIA Tree. It stands thirty five feet tall and just about as wide and is placed perfectly in the middle of her front yard. It’s the only thing in her front yard except for the grass, perfumed air and her mail box planted next to the gravel road.


Her favorite place is several hundred feet into her back yard. She loves strolling past her WELL house and down one of her many rambling paths filled with flora, while picking weeds here and there.


There aren’t a lot of Pear trees near the Bayou, but Joyce has one that attracts all kinds of birds to its to foliage. Her favorite bird is the cinnamon green-cheeked CONURE. Between the pears and the strawberry patch she has many parrots in her fragrant landscape.


North Carolina



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