How ya like my hat? Cone hat (true story)

How ya like my hat? Cone hat (true story)



Raymond and I were rambling around on a wooded back road in North Carolina a couple of years ago with no particular destination. We came across a little thrift shore on the left in the middle of nowhere. Since we love these types of stores we turned around at the nearest driveway to go back to it.


When we pulled into the gravel parking lot, we laughed when we noticed a sign that said, “Treasures in the Middle of Nowhere”. As we walked up the steps and through the French Doors,  an elderly lady said, “How y’all doing?”


I said, “Fair to middlin’, I reckon.”


Raymond said with a chuckle, “No he’s not! He’s never fair.”


This was the only hat in the cute little shop; however, she wanted way too much for it. I tried it on and Raymond took a picture of me wearing the hat. The lady asked me, “Why are you wearing a flower pot?”




“That’s a flower pot on your head. The plastic insert is on the middle shelf behind you.”


“I had no idea.” replying with a smile.”


Raymond said, “Thought you knew it was flower pot and you were just playing.”


“No! Well, don’t tell anyone. People might think I’m stupid.”


Raymond looked at me and smiled, “Your friends already know that.”


True story, but I did not buy the flower pot.


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