How ya like my hat? Skins black hat

How ya like my hat? Skins black hat


I was at FedEx Field, when I was accosted by some Eagle fans. They grabbed my hat and started playing keep away with it. I’m too fat to run back and forth, so I kicked one of them between the legs.


There were three more of them and they had me down in minutes. Out of no where came jolly ole Nick to the rescue. He was joined by a small army of Santa Clauses and I heard rumblings from the red and white bearded gang saying, “Snow balls! ’68! I’ll get you this time!”


The Santa’s surrounded the four Eagle fans and helped me up. The one in charge said, “We’ve been waiting, since 1968 to get back at you. My dad was hit by a snow ball in the back of the head that day and died years later from a traumatic brain injury. That’s why you’ve gotten nothing but black ice in your stockings since then.”


Now give this man back his hat and prepare for an early Christmas present. Even God won’t save you from this beat down. You have been on God’s naughty list for a long time, so here comes your coal.


Taken at FedEx Field on November 11, 2012


Just messin, bought it brand new years ago.


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