Random thoughts: napping

Random thoughts: napping


Didn’t get much sleep the other night, so around noon a nap sounded good. While driving out of town towards the country I finally spotted a barn next to a wide open field full of horses. I put my van in park, turned the key off and got out.




Walking out to the middle of the field I looked in all directions to make sure there were no predators. After I felt comfortable, I stood tall, closed my eyes and went to sleep.


Of course that’s not where I napped. I STOOD in the middle of my bedroom while sleeping??? Why go out in a field, right?


Horses are prey animals, so they need to be cautious where and when they get their rest. Because of their straight back they have difficulty getting up quickly from a lying position. To avoid an attack from a predator, most of their sleep is standing in the daytime not at night. They have the ability to lock their back legs and lean forward while sleeping.


A horse requires approximately an hour or less of REM sleep a day. That’s why on a sunny afternoon you might see several horses lying down, while one remains standing on guard watching for intruders.


Sitting is not a normal action for horses either, because of the pressure the position puts on their internal organs.


While we feel safe and comfortable laying and sitting in our own setting. A horse basically stands all of it’s adult life; and sometimes while someone is sitting on them.


Poor horses !!!



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